Top 5 Ankara Styles for Women

Are you on the hunt for the freshest Ankara styles for women? Your search ends here!

Ankara Styles for Women

Ankara: A Rich Heritage

Originating from Dutch wax print, Ankara fabric made its way into African culture in the 1800s through the Batik process. This technique involves adding dye to wax, resulting in a plethora of captivating designs. Since then, many African nations have embraced these vibrant materials, infusing them with their unique flair.

Top 5 Ankara Styles for Women

1. Ankara Two-Piece

Ankara two-piece

Whether it’s an Ankara shorts and shirt combo, a skirt and shirt ensemble, or pants paired with a shirt, the Ankara two-piece is a versatile choice. Perfect for casual outings, it adds a touch of elegance to any look.

2. Ankara Jumpsuit

Ankara jumpsuit
photo sorurce: Nairaland

The Ankara jumpsuit effortlessly blends corporate chic with casual flair, lending an air of royalty and sophistication. For the best fit, ensure your tailor takes precise measurements.

3. Mini Corset Gown

Mini corset ankara gown
Mini corset ankara gown1

Sleek and trendy, the mini corset gown accentuates the waistline, offering a flattering silhouette and an overall polished appearance.

4. Ruffles and Slits

Ruffles and Slits ankara
Ruffles and Slits ankara

Elevate your style with a thigh-high slit adorned with ruffles on both the slit and shoulders. This combination exudes charm and requires minimal effort to pull off flawlessly.

5. The Dramatic Sleeve

Dramatic Sleeve anakara1
Dramatic Sleeve anakara

Don’t reserve dramatic sleeves for lace fabrics alone! Embrace the allure of a dramatic sleeve paired with a trailing hemline, adding a touch of glamour to your Ankara ensemble.

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