Chess Master Onakoya Prepares for His ‘Toughest Match’ Against 12-Year-Old Prodigy

Tunde Onakoya, a renowned Nigerian chess grandmaster who recently set a new Guinness World Record for the longest marathon chess game, is preparing for what he describes as his “toughest match yet.”

Chess master Onakoya braces for ‘hardest match against 12 year old

On June 11, Onakoya will compete against 12-year-old Women’s Candidate Master Deborah Quickpen in an intense three-hour chess match.

“I have faced many tough opponents, but this will undoubtedly be my hardest match yet. I can categorically say that she is the future of chess in Nigeria,” Onakoya declared in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday.

Quickpen, who will represent Nigeria at the upcoming FIDE Chess World Cup in Georgia next month, is recognized as the country’s leading chess prodigy. Despite her young age, she has already earned the distinguished title of Women’s Candidate Master.

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Onakoya’s announcement follows his recent record-breaking achievement. On April 20, he successfully set a new Guinness World Record for the longest marathon chess game, surpassing the previous record of 56 hours and 9 minutes set by Norwegian players in 2018.

In a post on his official X account, Onakoya expressed his excitement about the accomplishment, stating, “We have done it. We’re pushing to 60 hours, guys. We’re not stopping yet. Let’s keep going.”

The grandmaster’s marathon attempt was driven by a mission to raise funds and awareness for educational opportunities for underprivileged children across Africa.

“We have a fundraising goal to meet for the education of African children around the world. This is our why – the reason we are doing this,” he wrote.

As Onakoya gears up for his upcoming match against Quickpen, the chess community eagerly anticipates this clash of generations, with both players showcasing the bright future of Nigerian chess.

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