James Brown on Being the Sole Nigerian Influencer to Study in London

James Brown, a well-known figure in social circles, recently highlighted his major accomplishment: being the sole Nigerian influencer to pursue studies at a London university. During a conversation with a content creator, he reflected on his time abroad and how it has shaped his identity as a social media influencer.

James Brown on Being the Sole Nigerian Influencer to Study in London

According to James Brown, his proudest achievement is living a life that suits him well, despite criticism from detractors and online trolls. He emphasized the importance of focusing on one’s own life rather than being consumed by others’.

Regarding his educational journey, James revealed that he undertook a two-year business administration course in London, although he clarified that he completed only one year of the program. When Timi Agbaje pointed out that James spent just one month studying there, James defended his educational experience.

Expressing frustration, James Brown highlighted that many celebrities, like Tiwa Savage and Cuppy, have paused their studies abroad to pursue other opportunities. He also briefly mentioned his recent visit to someone he refers to as his ‘aunty’ Bobrisky in Kirikiri, without confirming a personal encounter.

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