Kenyan Lady says Nigerian Men Know How To Genuinely Love And Knack A Woman

Lydiah, a Kenyan woman, recently shared her admiration for Nigerian men, highlighting their unique qualities in relationships.

Kenyan Lady says Nigerian Men Know How To Genuinely Love And Knack A Woman

Expressing her desire to marry a Nigerian man, Lydiah emphasized their ability to genuinely love and knack a woman. “Nigerian men know how to truly love and knack a woman,” she wrote on Friday, May 3, 2024.

According to her, Nigerian men excel in providing emotional support, elevating their partners, and expressing affection with romantic gestures. “They elevate you, provide for you, and genuinely support you. They also talk so nicely. I just can’t, they are romantic,” she added.

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Anael Mevoung, a woman from Gabon, shared her perspective on relationship dynamics, particularly regarding challenging situations.

Taking to Twitter (now X), Anael reflected on the notion of leaving relationships during tough times. She drew a parallel between a man leaving his pregnant girlfriend and a woman leaving her partner due to unemployment.

Anael argued that if a man can break up with his pregnant partner, then it should be acceptable for a woman to leave her partner if he becomes unemployed and unable to provide financial stability.

Her viewpoint resonated with recent events, including a viral story of an American woman divorcing her husband after he lost his job.

Anael tweeted,

“If a man is able to leave a pregnant woman, then I also don’t see any problem for a woman to leave a man when he loses his job.”

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