RCCG Pastor Adeboye comment on How God dealt with billionaires who queried him over their tithe

In a recent statement, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), stirred up a debate by claiming that questioning pastors about how they use church tithes is against biblical principles. His remarks came as a response to a situation he recounted involving wealthy individuals who demanded accountability for their substantial tithes.

Pastor Adeboye's Comments on Billionaires' Tithes sparks controversy online

Pastor Adeboye said billionaires got in trouble with God for asking about tithes. This caused a big argument online. People say it’s not right and against what the Bible says. They think it’s wrong to stop people from knowing where their money goes in the church.

According to Adeboye, these affluent donors grew arrogant and insisted on knowing how their contributions were spent within the church. He asserted that this behavior resulted in their downfall, as they suffered a loss of wealth.

The disclosure of Adeboye’s stance on tithing accountability sparked diverse reactions from Nigerians, as seen in the comments on a post by media entrepreneur Seun Osewa.

One commenter, Olubunmi Aro, expressed respect for Pastor Adeboye while suggesting a shift away from emphasizing tithing due to a perceived misinterpretation of biblical teachings. Aro highlighted the transition to the gospel of grace, exemplified by Bishop Mike Okonkwo of TREM, who stopped collecting tithes and focused on grace-centered teachings.

Wilfred E. Orhue speculated on the cultural context of Adeboye’s message, suggesting it might resonate more with a Nigerian audty, dismissing it as mere fiction.

The video shared by Osewa captures Adeboye’s account and further fuels the ongoing discussion on tithing and accountability within religious communities.

Netizens Reactions to Pastor Adeboye’s Controversial Stand

Below are some of the comments:

Olubunmi Aro wrote:

“I respect Pastor Adeboye so much. I think he should get over this tithe message bcos we misinterpreted it. Moses brought These laws, but Christ has replaced them with Grace. We are not under the law anymore but under Grace.

“Like Bishop Mike Okonkwo of TREM, he has embraced the gospel of grace (preached after Christ’s resurrection). He apologized for misleading his congregation on tithe, and now they’ve stopped collecting tithe, stopped preaching the gospel of Moses, and now focused on the Gospel of Grace.”

Wilfred E. Orhue commented:

“I don’t think this message can be delivered to a white congregation. The sermon is best suited for Nigerian audience.”

Gideon George said:

“The business of attracting 10% of everyone’s monthly income is real, and it should be approached with persuasive strategies.”

Eniola Daniel reacted:

“It is well. My church in the village, Anglican, give financial reports, and everyone knows the state of finance of the church. So, why shy away from this?”

Suleiman Tajudeen

“With all due respect, this is pure tales by moonlight! No one gets punished asking for proper accountability.”

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