Saida BOJ berates BBNaija show, reveals why she can never enroll

Influential and often controversial, Saida BOJ recently spoke out about her disdain for reality shows like BBNaija, asserting that she has surpassed such platforms in her career.

Saida BOJ berates BBNaija show, reveals why she can never enroll

Saida, who recently attracted negative attention for her controversial views on charging men for relationships, is once again in the spotlight after losing all her social media accounts.

In a candid interview with well-known media personality Egungun of Lagos, Saida BOJ was asked about her thoughts on auditioning for BBNaija. She revealed that she had auditioned three times in the past but was rejected each time. Saida viewed this as a misjudgment on the part of the show’s organizers, suggesting that her presence would have added significant value to the show.

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She stated, “I don’t think I can go for Big Brother, I feel like I have passed that stage. I’ve done Big Brother like thrice but dem no pick me. Na their loss cos I go make una show hot. Now, I don pass una stage. They have to pay me to come to the show now.”

Saida also shared her thoughts on the behavior of men from Lekki, describing them as immature and unfaithful due to having numerous options.

Watch the video below to see the full interview …

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