Simi Apologizes for Swimwear Controversy Despite Married

Popular singer Simi has issued a heartfelt apology after facing criticism for wearing a swimsuit to a recent poolside event, despite being married.

Simi Apologizes for Swimwear Controversy Despite Marriage

Simi, known for her hit song ‘Duduke,’ attended the event in a swimsuit that some deemed too revealing. Critics on social media pointed out that as a married woman, such attire might not be appropriate.

In response, Simi acknowledged the feedback, expressing regret for any offense caused and vowing to be more mindful in the future. She emphasized that it was an oversight on her part and assured her fans that she will opt for more modest attire in similar settings going forward.

The singer also clarified that her apology was sincere and not meant to be sarcastic, contrary to some opinions circulating online. She reiterated her respect for her marriage and assured fans that she values their feedback.

Simi’s choice of attire sparked a debate among netizens, with some defending her right to wear what she chooses and others questioning the appropriateness of such attire for a married woman.


Here are some reactions from social media:

  • ossybrown: “You took her content and cut off the part she asked people to listen to her new album The Evil of mainstream journalism sha.”
  • vanchizzy: “I love her level of sarcasm. Na wetin fit all these oversabi assistant Jesus wey expect person to wear kaftan to the pool.”
  • teensgram_afrika: “Excuse me, was she supposed to tie buba abi wrapper to a swimming pool?”
  • uncle_jeff_official: “Did her husband complain, if No then why give in to social media pressure to apologise? Na wa ohh”
  • emeka_: “Who says married women can’t wear swimsuits? Ontop of marriage that no be our own”
  • a.d.e.j.o.k.e1: “Stream Lost And found album. She said she was lost while wearing that and now she’s found herself”
  • obianuju_priscillia_: “Husband wey get the package nor complain, and you think your own Opinion counts? Whereas some of una wey cover up from head to toe does wOrse things behind close doors.”
  • joseph_de_capinter: “But after wearing that swimming suit did look at the mirror?? Just asking”

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about societal expectations and personal expression, highlighting differing viewpoints on modesty and public appearance.

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