Who Will Win the EPL Title in 2024? Experts Speak on Arsenal’s Chances

Arsenal Football Club reclaimed their spot at the summit of the Premier League table with a convincing 2-0 victory over Wolves on Saturday, April 20th. The goals from Leandro Trossard and Martin Odegaard propelled Mikel Arteta’s squad to the helm of English football, albeit with a precarious lead.

Who Will Win the EPL Title in 2024? Experts Speak on Arsenal's Chances

The Title Race Unfolds: A Three-Horse Gallop

With the reigning champions, Manchester City, lurking closely with a game in hand, the question of who will clinch the coveted title looms large. According to insights gathered from sports pundits by Legit.ng, the race remains wide open, primarily contested among Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

Expert Insights on Possibility of Gunners winning (EPL) Premier League 2024

Femi Fabunmi, a Lagos-based sports pundit, emphasized the resilience of Arsenal in the title chase. He remarked, “It’s still a three-horse race with any of the three still having a big chance to nick it.” Fabunmi highlighted the delicate balance of power, where City’s slightest misstep could reset the Premier League standings, offering opportunities for both Arsenal and Liverpool to seize the crown.

Similarly, Ruth Odunayo, a sports on-air personality with Mainland FM, acknowledged Arsenal’s recent setback against Aston Villa but remained optimistic about their prospects. “I think Arsenal can still win the Premier League, though it will be very difficult,” she asserted. Despite the formidable challenges posed by upcoming fixtures against heavyweight opponents like Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea, Odunayo maintained that Arsenal’s path to glory remains feasible.

The Road Ahead: Navigating Through Challenges

While acknowledging the arduous journey ahead, Odunayo underlined Arsenal’s resilience, suggesting that their fate hinges not only on their performance but also on the unpredictability of their rivals’ encounters with smaller teams. Despite the daunting schedule, the belief in Arsenal’s ability to defy the odds and emerge triumphant persists among fans and pundits alike.

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