Why I walked out on UNILAG students at recent event – Phyna

Reality TV star Phyna recently clarified the reason behind her abrupt departure from a group photo session with her fellow Big Brother housemates at an event attended by students from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

phyna walks out unilag

A video circulating online captured Phyna alongside Hermes, Soma, and Adekunle during the event held on the UNILAG campus. The video went viral when it showed Phyna walking away from the photo shoot just as Adekunle and some UNILAG students were about to join in for a picture.

Many people interpreted Phyna’s actions as disrespectful, speculating that she felt too important to take photos with the students.

Addressing the rumors, Phyna clarified that her decision to leave had nothing to do with arrogance or a disregard for the students. According to her, the online narrative portraying her as disrespectful is completely untrue.

Why I walked out on UNILAG students at recent event – Phyna1

Phyna explained her side of the story: “Make una dy calm down with the lies….. I walked out bcuz we were snapping with and opposite brand products that I work with… it can affect my work so prevention is better than cure.”

In essence, Phyna left the photo session because the photos were being taken with products from a competing brand that she collaborates with professionally. She emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of her brand affiliations to protect her professional commitments.

This clarification aims to set the record straight and provide context to the incident that sparked controversy online.

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