Nigerians Dig Out Old Tweet of Wizkid Confessing Burning Desire for Tonto Dikeh

In a nostalgic throwback, netizens rediscovered a heartfelt message from Wizkid to Nollywood star turned politician, Tonto Dikeh. The post, now circulating widely, captures a young Wizkid expressing his fondness for the actress. Many online reactions speculate about a past romantic involvement between the two celebrities.

Wizkid Confessing Burning Desire for Tonto Dikeh

Unearthing Past Affections of Wizkid Confessing Burning Desire for Tonto Dikeh

Some curious individuals delved into the archives to find a tweet from singer Ayo Balogun, also known as Wizkid, directed at Tonto Dikeh. Interestingly, this event parallels a similar incident involving the actress and Wizkid’s rival, Davido, which caused quite a stir online.

Wizkid Confessing Burning Desire for Tonto Dikeh

What sets Wizkid’s post apart is its earlier date, predating Davido’s by a year. Dating back to 2010, the tweet reveals Wizkid’s candid affection for Tonto Dikeh, expressing her significance in his life with endearing words.

In the uncovered tweet, Wizkid greets the actress with a warm “Good morning” and affectionately refers to her as his “one and only love.” He concludes the message with “Love you B, kisses, hehe.” This public display of affection from the “Made in Lagos” star sheds light on a chapter from their past.

Netizens Reactions to Wizkid Confessing Burning Desire for Tonto Dikeh

The resurfacing of this old tweet has ignited discussions across social media platforms. Many users speculate about the nature of the relationship between Wizkid and Tonto Dikeh during that period. Some reminisce about the era when these two influential figures in Nigerian entertainment possibly shared a romantic connection.

As the tweet gains traction once again, it serves as a reminder of the intertwining lives within the entertainment industry and the enduring curiosity of fans. Whether this confession of affection was fleeting or marked a significant chapter in their personal histories, it adds another layer to the complex tapestry of celebrity relationships.

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