AMVCA 2024: Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, Other Celebs Turn Heads With Outfits at Award Ceremony

The African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) hit Lagos, Nigeria, on May 11, 2024, marking its 10th edition. More than just a night to honor talented filmmakers, the event has evolved into a showcase of stunning fashion statements by top celebrities.

AMVCA 2024 Funke Akindele Toyin Abraham Other Celebs Turn Heads With Outfits at Award Ceremony

Glitz and Glamour at AMVCA 2024

The AMVCAs have earned a reputation not only for applauding cinematic excellence but also for serving as a playground for fashion aficionados. It’s a testament to the Nigerian spirit—always aiming for the top spot, even in fashion.

Let’s delve into the standout looks that graced the red carpet:

1. Funke Akindele: A Stunning Debut

Renowned Nollywood actress Funke Akindele made a notable appearance at AMVCA 2024, defying past criticisms about her event attendance. Nominated for Best Lead Actress, the Tribe Called Judah star captivated in a striking black and white tube corset dress adorned with a dramatic tail. Complementing her attire with subtle silver accessories and sleekly styled ginger-colored hair, Funke turned heads and sparked conversations among netizens.

2. Toyin Abraham: Radiant in Red

Next up was the radiant Toyin Abraham, who graced the red carpet in a breathtaking scarlet gown. The Nollywood sensation, known for her versatile acting skills, opted for a classic yet striking ensemble, exuding elegance and confidence. With minimalistic accessories and a captivating smile, Toyin effortlessly stole the spotlight.

3. Toke Makinwa:

Adding to the glamour of the evening was Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa, who also graced the red carpet as one of the hosts for the 2024 AMVCAs. She left an indelible mark with her custom-made attire by Veekee James. Toke’s ethereal ensemble created the illusion of floating, adorned with shimmering silver details that captured the essence of celestial beauty. A unique halo-like design, positioned delicately on one side of her bust, resembled a hat with an elegant brim, adding a whimsical touch to her look. Fans couldn’t help but gush over Toke’s enchanting presence on the red carpet.

4. Neo Akpofure:

Neo Akpofure, popularly known from his stint on BBNaija, is celebrated for his bold fashion choices. Despite clinching the best-dressed male award at the AMVCA cultural night, Neo’s ensemble for the main award ceremony stirred mixed reactions among fans. His attire, characterized by a heavily stoned and structured white top, paired with a matching stoned glove adorning one hand, alongside black pant trousers, ignited a debate among admirers and critics alike.

5. Saga Adeolu: Channeling Barbie Chic

Stepping onto the red carpet with flair was BBNaija star Saga Adeolu, drawing inspiration from the beloved Barbie movie. Adorned in a striking pink suit and jacket ensemble, the reality star effortlessly showcased his unique style. Pairing the vibrant attire with a crisp white shirt, Saga charmed fans with his clean and confident look. Notably, Saga had previously impressed fans with his fashion choices at the AMVCA cultural night, cementing his status as a style icon.

6. Eniola Ajao: Embracing Self-Love with Style

Nollywood actress Eniola Ajao embraced the theme of self-love with a personal touch in her AMVCA attire. Dressed in a heavily-stoned grey gown, she exuded regal elegance, accentuated by a crown adorning her head.

The star of the Ajakaju movie added a whimsical touch to her ensemble by attaching several photos of herself to the hem of her dress, creating the illusion of embracing each image. Eniola’s unique outfit sparked conversations and left a lasting impression on onlookers.

7. Toyin Lawani: Making a Statement with Sack Couture

Renowned Nigerian celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, also known as Tiannah, set out to make waves with her AMVCA ensemble, and she undoubtedly succeeded. Affectionately dubbed the King of Fashion, Toyin opted for a daring sack dress that pushed the boundaries of traditional red carpet attire.

Despite an initial setback where her original glass outfit broke, Toyin remained undeterred and embraced her creativity with the unconventional choice. However, her avant-garde sack dress elicited mixed reactions from fans, with some praising her boldness while others expressed reservations about the unconventional design.

8. Richard Mofe-Damijo: Embracing Tradition with Elegance

Richard Mofe-Damijo, fondly known as RMD and often hailed as Nollywood’s “sugar daddy,” surprised attendees with his departure from his usual suave persona at the AMVCA. Opting for a more traditional look, the veteran actor exuded regal charm in a purple agbada, complete with a matching cap and a dignified walking stick. Adding a touch of cultural flair, RMD adorned his ensemble with vibrant red coral beads around his neck, embodying the essence of timeless sophistication.

9. Tacha BBNaija: BBNaija star Tacha had taken to social media to brag about how her AMVCA outfit would be one to remember and she eventually unveiled her look at the occasion. Her all-white stoned dress was no doubt a piece of art with the floating bust design on her shoulders, its flowing cape and a matching bust handbag. Read more:

9. Tacha BBNaija: A Vision in White

BBNaija star Tacha made good on her promise to leave a lasting impression with her AMVCA attire, which she had teased on social media prior to the event. Stepping onto the red carpet, she unveiled a stunning all-white stoned dress that captivated onlookers with its artistic allure.

Featuring a unique floating bust design on her shoulders, a flowing cape, and a matching bust handbag, Tacha’s ensemble was truly a masterpiece of contemporary fashion.

10. Osas Ighodaro: Radiating Elegance

Actress Osas Ighodaro reaffirmed her status as Nollywood’s fashion icon with yet another impeccable ensemble at the AMVCAs. Opting for a chic Veekee James creation, Osas effortlessly showcased her curves in a sophisticated brown and black piece. The outfit struck the perfect balance between allure and modesty, accentuating her silhouette without revealing too much.

Complementing her look with clean and understated makeup, Osas exuded timeless elegance on the red carpet.

At the 2024 African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs), celebrities showcased their fashion prowess with a diverse range of stunning ensembles. From Funke Akindele’s dramatic tube corset dress to Toyin Lawani’s daring sack couture, each outfit made a statement on the red carpet. Notable appearances included Saga Adeolu’s Barbie-inspired pink suit, Eniola Ajao’s self-love-themed gown adorned with personal photos, and Tacha’s unforgettable all-white stoned dress with intricate details. Even veteran actor Richard Mofe-Damijo surprised attendees with his traditional agbada ensemble, while Osas Ighodaro continued her streak of fashion hits in a chic Veekee James creation. These fashion highlights added an extra layer of glamour to an already star-studded event, leaving attendees and fans alike in awe of the creativity and elegance on display.

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