Father acquires brand new laptops for all his 6 children

In our increasingly digital world, one father has taken a significant step to prepare his children for the future by providing each of them with their own laptop. This gesture aims to equip them with essential IT skills and ensure they are ready for the technological demands of the modern age.

Man acquires brand new laptops for all his 6 children

Understanding the transformative power of the internet and technology in everyday life, this father decided to make a substantial investment in his children’s education and future careers. He purchased six laptops, one for each of his six children, fostering an environment where they can develop critical digital skills.

A video shared online captures the moment the children received their laptops, each proudly holding and showcasing their new devices.

The online community had various reactions to this gesture:

Prince_izuu commented: “Teach them tech skills early. They can explore JavaScript, Python, UI/UX design. Encourage them to build their own software and solutions, making it a fun competition at home. This way, you’re empowering these kids for life.”

Rosythrone added: “This should be a normal part of kids’ learning. It’s not a big deal if you can afford it.”

Certifiedmichael joked: “Daddy brought home laptops for the kids since they haven’t cashed out yet.”

Martez2009 suggested: “You can get a good laptop with 64GB RAM for around 80k to 100k.”

Usendollar shared a personal experience: “That’s my dad.

He’s into tech and forex. We started learning from a very young age, and now I’m making 2 million every week from tech, while my dad earns no less than 500 million every month. Even my little sisters are earning 100k monthly.”

Watch the video below to see the children’s excitement and their new laptops in action.

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