Xavi Decides to Remain Barcelona Coach, Confirmed by Club’s Vice-President

Barcelona’s vice-president, Rafa Yuste, has announced that Xavi Hernandez will continue as the head coach next season, despite his previous intention to step down.

Xavi Decides to Remain Barcelona Coach, Confirmed by Club’s Vice-President

Change of Plans: Xavi had originally planned to leave his role as the manager of the Catalan club in the summer. However, he has now been persuaded to stay.

Official Confirmation: The official announcement of Xavi’s decision is expected to be made by club President Joan Laporta on Thursday. However, Yuste disclosed this information prematurely, which was reported by sports journalist Fabrizio Romano.

Yuste’s Statement: Yuste expressed confidence in Xavi, stating, “Xavi believes in our project. Together, we can achieve great things. Winning titles is our goal, and we believe Xavi is the right person for the job. He embodies the spirit of Barça and will play a significant role in the new Camp Nou era.”

Yuste further emphasized,

“Xavi will remain with us, and he is genuinely pleased. We have never considered any other coach. Deco also has faith in Xavi, which adds to our certainty.”

End of Speculation & Future plans

Xavi’s decision ends the speculation surrounding Barcelona’s managerial position.

The 44-year-old is expected to address the media before Barcelona’s match against Valencia on Monday night.

Xavi’s commitment to extending his contract signifies a positive turn for Barcelona as they look forward to the upcoming season.

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