Burna Boy Has Done More for Nigeria Than Our Ambassadors – Alibaba

Comedian Alibaba has praised Afrobeat artist Burna Boy for significantly enhancing Nigeria’s global image, arguably more effectively than the country’s official ambassadors.

Burna Boy Has Done More for Nigeria Than Our Ambassadors – Alibaba

In an interview with Channels Television, Alibaba voiced his frustration with the government’s economic planning, particularly its neglect of the entertainment sector. He pointed out that the Nigerian Economic Summit Group had projected the nation’s economic future without considering the creative industry, highlighting its vital role in Nigeria’s economic and cultural landscape.

“Two years ago, the Nigerian Economic Summit Group forecasted the Nigerian economy for the next five years, and the entertainment and creative industry was not included,” Alibaba remarked.

A comprehensive booklet of about 200 pages was produced, yet it failed to acknowledge the creative industry. Alibaba underscored the immense value of the creative sector, stressing that its impact extends far beyond Nigeria’s borders.

He particularly praised Burna Boy, asserting that the artist has done more to promote Nigeria on an international level than any ambassador appointed to foreign posts. Alibaba highlighted the significant contribution of Nigerian musicians in shaping and spreading the country’s cultural identity worldwide.

burna boy

“Burna Boy has done a lot more for Nigerian national awareness than any ambassador that has been posted to America, the UK, or any other place. Nigerian artists are creating national awareness and making other countries know about us more effectively than any ambassador could,” he added.

Alibaba’s comments shine a spotlight on the crucial role of the creative industry in Nigeria and call for greater recognition and support from the government.

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