Portable receives $1 million cash gift from caucasian fan on plane

Nigerian singer-songwriter and rapper Habeeb Okikiola Badmus, better known as Portable, received an unexpected and generous gift from a Caucasian fan during a flight: a $1 million cash gift.

Portable receives $1 million cash gift from caucasian fan on plane

This remarkable event was shared in a viral post on a popular social media platform. In the accompanying video, the unnamed Caucasian woman is initially seen flaunting the money while Portable is live-streaming to his thousands of fans.

Portable, clearly amazed, expressed his disbelief, stating he had never seen such a note before. The woman assured him that the money was real, but Portable continued to express his astonishment.

During the live stream, Portable wished aloud that someone would give him such a substantial amount of money. To his surprise, the woman then handed the money to him as a gift. He faced her and said, “Please give me.” She responded without hesitation, “You can have it,” and handed over the money.

Portable, still in shock, excitedly showed off the money to his viewers, sharing his elation and gratitude. The video, capturing the entire interaction, quickly gained traction, drawing a flood of reactions from social media users.

Here are some reactions from the comment section:

  • Mikkey Funds: “Na lie, no 1 million dollar note dey oo make una google it.”
  • Allison: “1 million dollar no Dey but 1 thousand dollar Dey.”
  • William23ag: “1 million dollar day oo Google it.”
  • Wealthiest: “Omo I no know say 1million dollar dey oooo 🔥.”
  • BiG ToLuSiFY 🎭: “There’s no 1Million dollars note ooooooo.”
  • LANRE👽: “Nah lie egbon e no Dey 😂.”
  • Laurelle: “And again I read that elites are the only ones that are allowed to spend it. There is a signature on it.”
  • Celebrity Barber 🇧🇯🇳🇬⭐️🌈: “Have seen it before someone has posted before.”
  • Nathan Louis: “She said probably you would help you buy a car.”
  • Street Benefits: “Una no see how many zeros way Dey the back 6.”
  • FocusFX247: “There was 1000 dollars before buts for inter banks transaction.”
  • Wolf: “That might be fake, but there $1m a note .. portable should check well he might not know the kind of person she be.”
  • ADEYEMI 🧃: “If a million dollar note truly exists, he would have been more happier than that. He said ‘Ike ni’ 😂.”
  • BROKEN💔🆔🥹: “There is no 1 million dollar note…check your google na fake 😂.”

Despite the skepticism, the video of Portable receiving the $1 million gift continues to generate buzz and intrigue online.


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