Oluwadolarz’s mom cries over tomatoes and fresh pepper she bought for N10k at a Lagos market

The mother of popular skit maker Oluwadolarz, Oluwaseun Adeyemi, recently expressed her frustration over the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes and fresh pepper in Lagos.

Oluwadolarz’s mom cries over tomatoes and fresh pepper

In a video shared online, Oluwadolarz’s mother revealed that she spent N10,000 (ten thousand naira) on a small quantity of tomatoes and fresh pepper. She explained that she was traveling from Ibadan and decided to stop at Mile 12 market in Lagos to buy the produce. To her dismay, the amount she spent only got her a few tomatoes and peppers.

She recalled that these same items used to cost around N2,000 before Nigeria’s economic situation worsened. The significant price increase left her in shock and disappointment.

Here are some reactions from people:

  • classy_commy: “I wonder how Muslims will cook for Sallah with such high prices!”
  • emeka_: “If the rich are complaining, what about the common man? May God provide for all our needs abundantly in Jesus’ name.”
  • thefoodnetworknig2: “The most painful part is the cost of Indomie! How can Indomie be good without pepper? Tinubu oooo.”
  • johnnie_jay: “Where are you buying such expensive pepper? In my area, it’s not more than 1500.”
  • gist_connect: “Omo, don’t even check up on me during this period, I will beg you for money.”
  • lincoln_27272: “I use a greater grind and get 3k pepper 🥲.”
  • sweetside_ng: “This year’s Sallah Jollof rice will be like a concoction mixed with white rice😂 On God.”
  • mhiz_zibery: “You guys are already standing on his mandate 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”
  • yinks__s: “Fried rice is the safest bet for this Sallah 😂.”
  • simply_lillyyyy: “But tomatoes are not in season, so what’s the fuss?😂😂😂😂.”
  • ayokunleayoko: “To even show someone pepper now will be difficult😢.”
  • thatgirlzainab_: “Ram is 1.6 million, better to buy eggs and panla for Eid😂.”
  • symply_gbemisola: “Ema din indomie werey o😭😭😂 typical example of an African mum😂.”
  • adegoldmua: “I’m eating egusi and ogbono now… God help us.”
  • beeehairplace: “She’s not lying. I bought 4k pepper on Friday and wanted to cry. If I hadn’t gone myself, I would have thought I was cheated. God have mercy.”
  • martosky05: “It’s the era of renewed hope, so please don’t complain. BAT is working.”
  • dailywebmedia: “Are you all still advocating for a minimum wage of 30k??”
  • ewalolasignatures: “@adekunlegold started this problem with his rodo song 😢.”
  • egus02: “Start removing the seeds and planting them in your backyard.”
  • dafehairsignature: “You still use tomatoes for stew? My wife uses carrots as an alternative. Just blend with pepper and onions and you’re good.”
  • belucci_lbf: “On your mandate, Bola!😩.”
  • isha_pearl: “The Jollof rice we will eat this Ileya will be close to concotion and far from white rice… (Jollof rice yen ma sunmo concotion amo oma jinna si white rice)😂😂😂😂.”
  • beautiful_nikky: “I no longer buy fresh tomatoes.”
  • chiomalucky2016: “Everyone is feeling the impact. Anyway, 7 more years to go.”
  • olowoshile: “This pepper 🌶️ doesn’t cost that much, Abeg.”
  • folad_ademi: “On his mandate they shall kpai.”
  • okeoghene_ufuoma: “I swear my heart is bleeding for those on the streets 🥺.”
  • twinz_love: “😂😂😂😂mummy ama din indomie.”

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