Lady in pain as married man she had 18 abortions for dumped her to relocate abroad with his family

A woman recently opened up about her emotional ordeal after a married man she was involved with for nine years left her to move abroad with his family. Throughout their relationship, she had undergone 18 abortions for him, only to be abandoned.

Lady in pain as married man she had 18 abortions for dumped her to relocate abroad with his family

She shared that their nearly decade-long relationship was serious in her eyes, but the man did not reciprocate the same level of commitment. Despite everything she went through, including the physical and emotional toll of 18 abortions, the man ultimately decided to leave her behind and relocate with his family.

In a video she posted online, the woman talked about moving on with her life. She revealed she was preparing for a date with another man, emphasizing that life continues despite her painful past.

She expressed:

“Me getting ready to go on a date with another man because life didn’t end when the married man I was in a committed relationship with for 9 years, had 18 abortions and almost lost my life during the 19th one told me I deserve better but not with him, and left me to go abroad with his family.”

Comments from Social Media Users

The video sparked a range of reactions from social media users. Here are some of their comments:

  • sir_tigga: “Don’t you have older brothers or a father at home to fear?”
  • jully_mk: “Even if you don’t respect your family members online, think about the future because the internet never forgets!”
  • thefoodnetworknig2: “Some of you must have fallen from the sky, with no family or friends to embarrass! Bloody Aliens!”
  • iam_bmodel: “18 abortions? Madam, give it a rest, please. Even if it’s true, do we need to hear this?”
  • ejimachukwu_1: “If you don’t have any family members who don’t disgrace you online, you don’t know what God has done for you.”
  • thestudentconnectv: “No woman can have 18 abortions and still be standing, in fact, no woman can have 18 abortions.”
  • mragugua: “Go girl! You will find a man who loves you for who you are and overlooks things like this. After all, you are the table.”
  • viviennee___: “This internet is going to ruin a lot of people for real.”

Watch the Video Below

This story highlights the intense emotional and physical pain one can endure in a relationship, and serves as a reminder of the importance of self-respect and moving on from toxic situations.

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