Nigerian Man that sold Girlfriend for N5k shares her Response viral video

A Nigerian guy recently opened up about the WhatsApp voice message he got from his girlfriend after giving out her number to someone for N5000.

Nigerian Man that sold Girlfriend for N5k shares her Response

Identified as @humble_dosh on TikTok, he spilled the beans about his unusual act, sharing how his girlfriend reacted through a voice note on WhatsApp.

In the message, his girlfriend struggled with English but managed to convey her feelings, calling him a betrayer for handing her number to another guy.

He captioned his post: “POV: After selling my girlfriend for 5K.”

@nathanielayodeji2 chimed in:

“You haven’t even spent the money yet… the guy might ask for a refund.”

Rico added:

“Seriously, she’s not even worth 5k.”

Naty Burger joked:

“You’ve already spent the money, but they could demand a refund anytime soon.”

Daveken suggested:

“You should’ve given the guy some change; maybe he needed money to send her to school.”

ToxicWorld002 teased:

“Considering she can’t speak proper English, you should’ve charged 20 naira instead.”

Fun remarked: “Better keep the change, someone might ask for a refund, and you’ll be like ‘you never knew’.”

@black_and_white044 commented:

“Well, before she becomes worse than she is now, it’s good you sold her.”

Light Klipz questioned:

“Why didn’t you sell her for 1k?”

Check out the post below:

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