“See Ur Life”: Portable’s Baby Mama Honey Berry Taunts Him Over Disgraceful Arrest, Fans React

Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola Badmus, popularly known as Portable, recently made headlines following his arrest. His estranged partner and mother of one of his children, Honey Berry, didn’t hold back her feelings about the incident, taking to social media to express her thoughts.

Portable’s Baby Mama Honey Berry Taunts Him Over Disgraceful Arrest

The viral video of her reaction sparked various comments from netizens, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship.

Honey Berry’s Reaction: A Mix of Mockery and Emotion

After Portable’s dramatic arrest, captured on video as he attempted to evade the police, Honey Berry didn’t shy away from sharing her feelings. During a TikTok live session, she was seen singing and dancing, seemingly celebrating his misfortune. In one instance, she even pretended to cry, lamenting how she used to shed tears over their child’s welfare in Portable’s DMs, but now he was the one facing distress behind bars. Her words resonated with a mix of mockery and genuine emotion as she remarked, “God may not bring shame upon us, but He certainly did yesterday.”

Portable’s Baby Mama Honey Berry Taunts Him Over Disgraceful Arrest1

Fan Reactions:

Social media erupted with reactions to Honey Berry’s video, showcasing a range of opinions from fans and observers alike. Some expressed empathy towards Portable, highlighting the ongoing challenges of co-parenting and the importance of parental responsibility. Others, however, saw the situation differently, viewing Honey Berry’s response as justified given the circumstances. One user remarked, “Portable followed his instincts, and now he’s facing the consequences,” implying that his actions led to his own downfall.

Another comment reflected on the dynamics of their relationship, suggesting that Honey Berry’s reaction was a reflection of Portable’s own behavior towards her. Amidst the commentary, there were expressions of weariness and fatigue with the ongoing drama surrounding Portable and his personal life.

In the midst of these varied responses, one thing became clear: Portable and Honey Berry’s relationship continues to be a subject of public intrigue, with each development sparking further debate and discussion.

rae_nath: “Portable did not only follow his heart, he followed his type.”

i_am_mz_jay: “This is what portable would have done too if it was another person and love it for his family.”

mzfiyin: “She’s the weapon against portable.”

bolade4321: “This is bad. No matter what. The child is still growing and you would forever need him.”

thaworldbanana: “He actually deposits into people like him too.”

ti_anahh: “I am sincerely tired of portable and his family drama.”

itrey: “Portable picked his type with this onetwo peas in a pod.”

othreelafrica: “Portable Go Soon release new song! If not songs self .”

stylebysmokie: “That’s how you know these people just have kids with anyone! Because why are you excited at the downfall of the father of your child?”

gabbysho24: “ I can’t support anyone. Family weyrey circle.”

aninobabs: “Shame suppose catch her sef.”

trillyteee: “Baby mama na Tout.”

Funmilizzy.o01: “Like baby daddy like baby mama ‍♀️

The saga of Portable’s arrest and Honey Berry’s reaction offers a glimpse into the complexities of modern relationships and the challenges of co-parenting in the public eye. As fans and observers weigh in on the situation, it becomes evident that there are no easy answers or clear-cut judgments. Instead, the story serves as a reminder of the human emotions at play behind the headlines, inviting us to consider the complexities of love, loss, and redemption in the digital age.

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