Obi Cubana Talks About Hotel Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Stayed at in Lagos, Hails Its Owner (The Delborough Hotel)

Nigerian businessman Obi Cubana shared more about the fancy hotel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stayed during their visit to Lagos. They were invited by Nigeria’s top military leader.

Obi Cubana Talks About Hotel Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Stayed at in Lagos, Hails Its Owner

Obi Cubana, also known as Obinna Tochuukwu Iyiegbu, told us more about the posh hotel where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stayed during their first visit to Nigeria. They had a busy schedule, starting with a warm welcome in Abuja, where they began a mental health summit at Lightway Academy.

Delborough Lagos, one of the best hotels in Lagos, was where the royal couple stayed. Obi Cubana proudly showed a video of their arrival and stay at this beautiful place.

He thanked the royal guests and praised his friend, Dr. Uzochukwu Stanley, for starting and managing such a great hotel.

He wrote:

“That’s how we hosted The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at our luxurious @thedelborough yesterday! Need we say more?? We are the Number 1 luxury hotel in Africa presently……yes! @stanleyuzochukwu my brother with the Midas touch.”

Reactions to Obi Cubana’s Post

After Obi Cubana shared details about the hotel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stayed, people had a lot to say. Here are some of the reactions we gathered:

  1. @TravelEnthusiast: “Wow! If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s definitely on my bucket list now! #DelboroughLagos #LuxuryTravel”
  2. @HospitalityGuru: “Impressive feedback from Prince Harry and Meghan! Kudos to Dr. Uzochukwu Stanley for setting the standard high in Nigerian hospitality. #5StarService”
  3. @LocalTourist: “I’ve always wanted to explore Lagos, and now I know where to stay! Can’t wait to experience the legendary hospitality at The Delborough Lagos. #TravelGoals”
  4. @RoyalWatch: “Prince Harry and Meghan’s endorsement speaks volumes! The attention to detail must be exceptional. #DelboroughLagos #RoyalSealOfApproval”
  5. @LagosExplorer: “Obi Cubana showing off the best of Lagos! The Delborough Lagos looks like a dream. #LuxuryLiving”
  6. ceanyacho: “I’m sure Harry and Meghan will be looking forward to meeting young people. However there are none in sight.”
  7. kingsley_234: “Let all the Arochukwu people gather here. Let’s welcome our own Ada Mazi!!”
  8. angelaanthony300: “I love my country they know how to welcome a rich person.”
  9. skinny_gjay: “This is so emotional so beautiful, the beads on their necks and the African printed handed to them. Lovely faces I saw here.”
  10. belike_arab: “@obi_cubana @thedelborough @stanleyuzochukwu una don take this odogwu business pass our level oo… Omo, as I no go school idk another magnificent word to use if not “NopNotch” keep going up my brothers.”
  11. thechoice9ja: “Imagine the look on the faces of our ancestors. As we celebrate our colonial masters grandchildren. They will weep for us we think God save Africa.”

These reactions show that Obi Cubana’s post about The Delborough Lagos has sparked interest and admiration from various quarters.

To sum up, Obi Cubana telling us about the fancy hotel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stayed in Lagos has got people talking and impressed. The royal couple liked the hospitality and attention to detail there, boosting the hotel’s reputation. People on social media are praising the hotel and its owner, Dr. Uzochukwu Stanley. It shows off Nigeria’s great hospitality and makes travelers curious to check it out. As Obi Cubana shares more about amazing places like this, it shines a light on Nigeria’s growing hospitality industry.

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