“Ellupee” Singer Stephen Muoka Feels Forsaken by Obidients Post-Elections

Stephen Muoka, the young man who gained internet fame for his performance of the “Ellupee” song during the recent elections, has expressed feelings of abandonment by the Obidient movement. Despite his viral moment and the perceived support from many, Muoka says he has seen no financial benefit and his life has not changed.


Muoka explained that there was a widespread belief that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, had financially rewarded him. Contrary to this belief, Muoka insists he did not receive any money from Obi. He added that the few supporters who helped him after his viral moment are actually living abroad, leaving him to fend for himself.

Currently residing in Lagos, Muoka is seeking employment and financial assistance, feeling neglected by the community he once supported.

Public Reactions to Muoka’s Plight

User Reactions:

  • midecupoftee: “No one asked him to sing. It was all for fun, and Nigerians turned it into a trending sound. Nobody owes him anything.”
  • tufab: “😂😂😂 Did you think shouting LP meant we owe you something? Did you make us vote for Obi or what? It looks like you and someone planned this.”
  • mizgabbie: “lol 😂😂 They should give him a position in the White House 😂😂”
  • t_snizzers: “Do people really think that going viral means you should automatically become rich? Go find a real job.”
  • _cici_nita: “Abandoned you how? Are we supposed to carry you on our backs with a wrapper? 😂”
  • robyekpo: “Was he genuinely involved in the campaign or just having fun on election day? Mttcccheewww!!!”

Video of Muoka’s Appeal:

Muoka’s story highlights the often temporary nature of internet fame and the misunderstandings that can arise from viral moments. Despite his brief spotlight, he is now calling for tangible support as he navigates life post-fame.

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